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Remedy caregiving


Our Services 

  • Personal Care and Hygiene- Our caregivers will assist you in showering, and using the restroom when needed. 

  • Housekeeping- Our caregivers will assist you in basic cleaning and laundry around your home.

  • Errands/ Transportation- Whether it is a doctor's appointment, grocery run, or a lunch date with your friends- our caregivers will safely transport you to your desired destination. 

  • Everyday Companionship- Need someone to speak with or go shopping with, our caregivers are there for you.

  • Medication Tracking- Medications can be very difficult to keep a track of- our caregivers are there to remind you and ensure you are taking the proper medication at the right time. 

  • Meal Preparation- Our caregivers are there to assist you in preparing healthy meals everyday- according to your doctor's recommendations. 

  • Healthy Lifestyle Support- Staying active can be difficult, our caregivers will ensure you stay active while still staying safe and avoid falls. 

Steps to Obtaining a Caregiver

Obtaining Care
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