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Remedy Placement and Senior Services

At Remedy we understand the importance of finding the appropriate home for you or your loved ones. Therefore, we take into consideration all your needs and financial situation to get you living in the best community. 

Placement Facilities

Assisted Living- 

Assisted living facilities have on-site caregivers, LVN's etc. and are for anyone who has a disability or prefers to not live independently. If and when needed you can also have home health visit you at the respective facility.  

Memory Care

Memory care is usually provided by facilities who provide regular assisted living. The memory care section is separated and secured with 24 hour vigilance to ensure all patients are safe. 

Boarding Care

Boarding Care homes are designated for those who prefer to live independently but would still want some type of assistance. A caregiver usually lives on site 24/7.


Hospice is designated for those who are terminally ill. While in hospice patients will be assisted to control their symptoms and care for their emotional and spiritual needs. 

Senior Services

At Remedy we give you access to almost any and every senior service you may think of. Whether it is a Mobile doctor visit or a professional hair dresser going to over to pamper you in the comfort of your own home. 

Please visit our resources tab and reach out to us if you need assistance in signing up for any program. 

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